The Bluebird Ranch is a century farm located in the piney woods of East Texas.  Originally established in 1894, it is currently operated by a 5th generation descendent of the Scott family.  “We’ve raised and managed many different breeds of cattle over the years and after much consideration and evaluation, we’re concentrating on the Belted Galloway breed.  We believe this breed represents the best of the best in terms of quality beef production for today’s health conscious consumer. “ -Tom Griffith (4th generation)
In addition to cattle, we also produce, harvest and sell all-natural hay for horses and cattle, both in round and square bales.  If you are interested in purchasing some hay, then let us help.  We also do custom hay baling and overall grass management, using our organic fertilizers and soil amendments.

The Bluebird Ranch Belted Galloway genetics are the product of years spent acquiring the finest bloodlines from all across the U.S. and abroad.  Our offspring are equally at home in the show ring and in the pasture.  All of our bulls have Lifetime Platinum parents and have the the most docile temperament we’ve ever encountered (a highest priority for heifers and herd bull prospects).  We have one of the largest herds in the country and offer black, dun and red Belted Galloway animals for sale.  Our bloodlines have been developed to better tolerate the unique Texas environment.  Let us help put together a starter herd for you or provide your next herd bull and/or replacement heifers.  We sell to breeders all over the country and can provide economical delivery in most cases.

We welcome visitors year round and have a guest house available for overnight stays.  Thank you for considering Bluebird Ranch foundational genetics for your herd.

We are members of:
The Belted Galloway Society
The Texas Belted Galloway Association
The Great Lake Belted Galloway Association
The Body of Christ - the kingdom is all around

The Bluebird Ranch Story...

Welcome to the Bluebird Ranch


We support the American Humane Association and practice a natural and humane treatment of animals the way God and nature intended. 

Beltie Breeders that have provided some of our foundational animals:

Little Knob Farm - Louisville, KY

Uphill Farms - Clinton Corners, NY

Sunnybrook Farm - IL

Aldermere Farm - MA

Wayside Valley Farm - IL

Kiyiwanna Farm - NY

Home of the 2012 Texas State Champion Bull